Corrugated Plate
Static Mixer
(Type GV)

Static Mixer
(Type GX)

Double Roof Disk
Static Mixer
(Type GXR)

Helical Twist
Static Mixer
(Type HT)
Welcome to StaMixCo

StaMixCo designs and manufactures a wide variety of static mixers (motionless mixers with no moving parts) for the continuous processing of polymers, liquids, gases and slurries.

High Viscosity Fluid Mixing:
Process applications included mixing/blending of materials with similar and large differences in viscosity and volumetric flow rate such as melt flow mixing in plastics injection molding, extrusion and polymer manufacturing; continuous polymerization plug flow reactors; heating and cooling of viscous materials and plastic disposable static mixers for 2-component (2K) resin systems.

Low viscosity Fluid Mixing
Process applications include the inline mixing of low viscosity liquids, gases; immiscible liquid dispersion and gas-liquid contacting.

If you feel our technology or products may be suitable for your application, we will be pleased to have our engineers discuss your application and provide you with a design and price.  We fabricate both standard ready to ship and custom static mixers.

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